The Management of 2M Decori S.p.A. promotes transparent and direct communication with its employees, external partners and customers in compliance with Directive (EU) 2019/1937 and Legislative Decree no. 24 of 10 March 2023 concerning the protection of people who report violations of national or European law (so-called whistleblowers).

The Reports section was created to report violations of the law, regulations or principles of internal conduct in good faith and in a totally anonymous, confidential and secure manner.
The Management undertakes to manage such reports to guarantee maximum confidentiality, ensuring that no action will ever be taken against people who make correct use of this communication channel.

Choose how you want to send your message

If you choose to report confidentially, your identity will still be known only to those managing your case and your identity will appear anonymous and confidential to others.

You can choose to report anonymously if you prefer not to provide your identity.