Our company has been specialising in
Italian-style metal accessories for fifty years.

Our adventure embarked upon over half a century ago

The journey began thanks to Pietro Minute, a smart young man who was passionate about mechanics. After studying the subject at evening classes, he put what he had learnt into practice at work. He was actually recruited by “Captain” Zancaner, a charismatic man, who, after the Second World War, founded the first glasses-manufacturing company in the Segusino (Treviso) area.
Being the skilled and ambitious man that he was, Pietro quickly learnt the trade during his initial experience at this workshop, and then launched his own studio within the eyewear industry: making hinges for glasses. This was in 1963. Over time, his studio grew and began specialising in creating decorations made out of German silver, an alloy made up of copper, zinc, and nickel that is resistant to corrosion. In 1971, Pietro made the decision to expand production, going from making small parts to whole pairs of glasses, and so began manufacturing optical frames and sunglasses.

The ‘90s

During the Nineties, Pietro Minute’s company had developed several branches of activity, which were all synergistically interlinked.
The founder created new companies for each of them, and put his four daughters at the helm of these businesses.

Today, Sabina is the chairwoman of 2M Decori (metal accessories) and Gold (galvanic treatments), Liana runs Omas (complete and ready-to-use glasses), Simona manages SM (precision-made small parts, soldering, and carrying out work on glasses and fashion accessories), and Martina is the head of Mizu (hooks and pad arms for glasses).

The entire group counts over 250 employees.
And the journey is still unfolding…

4-6 February 2023
4-6 February 2023

Hall 4 - Stand G08 Fashion District
Fair Milano Rho

2-4 october 2023
2-4 october 2023

at Grimaldi Forum