Our company has been specialising in
Italian-style metal accessories for fifty years.


What does a pair of glasses have in common with a bra, a keyring, and a handbag?
They are useful items that, when given the right design, become fashionable products.
These, and many other objects, have something else in common: they could not exist without having a set of components that give them their structure and make them look attractive.

Many of these small and sometimes tiny features are conceived, designed, and created by us here at 2M Decori, a company that has been specialising in making Italian-style metal accessories for almost fifty years: from eyewear to clothing and footwear, from costume jewellery to jewellery.
“God is in the details”, as the great writer Gustave Flaubert used to say. We say that without paying attention to detail, perfection is not possible.

Freddy Rossi

Freddy Rossi

General Manager

Sabina Minute

Sabina Minute


Stefano Fontanella

Stefano Fontanella

Technical Sales Manager

A few figures


years of


A production area that
covers 6082 sq.m




An average production of 230
thousand workpieces/day

MIDO Milan
MIDO Milan

1 April , 1 - 2 May 2022
Our Team is pleased to invite You to the next edition of Mido at Milan 2012
Pad. 24 - Stand G08